Jeffrey Harrod

Jeffrey Harrod writes about global political economy, social and political issues. He has also published a social science fiction novel After Man and blog posts using satire and fiction.

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His publications cover social theory, work, labour, trade unions, international organisation and corporations. The approach in these publications is usually critical, comparative and international.

He most recently provided graduate courses and supervised research at University of Amsterdam and before that at the Institute of Social Studies, now part of the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, where he was professor and Deputy Rector. He has taught graduate courses at the University of West Indies, Jamaica, University College, London, and University of Colorado. After a period as Research Co-ordinator at the Labour Studies Institute, International Labour Organisation, in Geneva he was permanent consultant for research and publications for a global trade union federation. For further biographic information see his Wikipedia page.

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Cover of After Man, a social science fiction novel
An investigation of non-governmental organisations in global: foreign trade unions in Jamaica
Translated in to 5 languages and serialised in a Korean national newspaper
An assessment by several authors of the possibilities and strategies of global trade unions
An exploration of the world views and political activities of the working poor using innovative categories gf work and Employment