Lecture 7. Investment: Corporate Power and Weaker States

This lecture continues the examination of the contemporary corporation by focussing on its power at two levels - at the level of the headquarter state and at the global level. Available statistics which can be used as indicators of power are presented. Then the argument, is made that the corporation should be seen as an institution of the 21st century as it has circumvented restrictions which could have arisen from the classical view of the market. This development of the past 30 years has weakened the headquarter state and provided greater power at the global level. Finally, the direct and indirect power of the corporation is considered as well as its role in global governance.

9 slides

1. Intro: Multi-National Global Power

2. Fortune 100 Top and Bottom 15 by Revenue

3. Selected Corporations Sales and Employment

4. Top 100 Multi-Nationals' Foreign Sales by Headquarter Country (2007)

5. Multi-National Corporate Power - Domestic Level

6. Cont . Power Relationship with State/Government

7. Multi-National Corporate Power in Global Political Economy

8. Cont. Indirect Exercise of Power

9. Corporation in Global Governance